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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

year 2008

It was a blast!

Unforgettable memories were destined to happened. Happiness might top my list because of Jesster's presence. But then again, sadness may equal its existence.

Around January to March it was a mixed emotion of sadness, frustration, greedness, and anger. I have experienced betrayal towards a person who is heartless and a guy who is so impatient to wait for me.

From April to August were the best days of my life having the guy whom Ive loved for these years. He made me feel that i can love again eventhough we've experienced a failed relationship in our apst especially on my side which lasted for four years.
I just can't further give all the details of our sweet moments, i am okay right now inspite of all the hurt that i'm feeling on right now..

From Septmeber to December would be the most devastating.. *sigh!
I'll just keep it to myself so everybody. I'll be welcoming 2009. and i should face it with a smile and optimism.

Goodbye 2008!

Christmas party of ZOO 2

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas party of ZOO

It was definitely FUN! FUN! Not to mention the excitement of being in Laguna again. The weather is inviting and it really excites me a lot knowing this would be my last visit on the said place.

The following are some pictures of me and cie lyter together with fashion, bitter and trigz!