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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cheating Heart

I never felt this good,
Until you come into my life.
My heart beeps,
And you sweep me off my feet.

I never find the happiness,
But you’re there to chase the sadness.
Please tell me what to do.
Because falling in love makes me crazy.

No words can ever expressed,
The love I feel for you.
Through ups and downs,
But you’re there to cheer me up.

Please say those words,
For the betterment of this one.
I wish it was granted,
Because this cheating heart beeps for you.

Made: June 1, 2004

Close To You

My mind was full of hatred,
Insecure and hate for being dumb.
I was alone through these years,
Bitterness in this soul,
Thoroughly endless.

He came, sweeping me off my feet.
I disgusts him, hate that creature.
Still, he pursues his attention.
But then, I am a girl, truly man-hater.

Love was not meant to be forever.
I believed on this and devoted on it.
Suddenly, tears roll down on my cheeks,
Should I die?
Because I won’t live life that long?

He tells me to fight with it.
He supported me all the way,
But I am weak, hopeless.
I don’t have the courage to face him.

Till the last days of my life,
I and this man get married.
He promised to me forever,
And I will not forget that till the end.

Made: Around 2004

I Am Me

I am the girl, who’s vulgar,
I am the girl, who’s talkative,
But don’t get suspicious,
Because I am me.

I am the girl, who’s insensitive,
And the girl who’s hideous.
But don’t get me wrong,
Because I am damn, but damn bad.

I am the girl, who’s delinquent,
I am the girl, who’s unworldly,
But hey dear friend,
Damn you, it’s just me.
Because I am me.

Made: June 1, 2004


Life was indeed hard,
From the very beginning.
Struggles came,
That tests one’s character.

I’m so sad that I can’t expressed,
These feeling of loneliness.
Is there a better way?
To live life in that lay.

I wish I can fly,
Like the birds can do.
No problems to be think,
Just food for daily life.

Lord helps me in this darkness,
To find the real happiness.
Like the birds in the sky,
Who are free to fly?

Made: June 3, 2004


She was fifteen when she met this man,
Tall, has the looks and definitely something.
Eyes like a ferocious cat,
Smile that brightens her dark day.

She was easily hooked with his character,
Hate the thought of being affected.
But why it should be?
Is Carlo her prince charming?

She know that they are not meant for each other,
And surely they won’t be lovers.
Sleepless nights which she has committed,
Shame on herself for being in love.

Oh Carlo, are you the one?
Would she believe? Would she survive?
Please tell her the answer,
Is she in or out in you cold heart?

Made: June 30, 2004

Jorge San Juan

Jiffy twist of moment I’ve met you,
Oasis in sorrow which I lived for years.
Rage within my soul,
Grip by the nature of love.
Enliven truly, your love so amazing.

Save me from the emptiness,
Anguish of sadness that we’ve known before.
Nothing condemn it, but you’re there hoping for.

Jibe in your presence,
Utopia it may seem, in the world of imagination.
Animation is that is.
Now and forever, I’m always here for you.

Made: Around 2005


I am not someone to be cherished for,
I am not someone to be proud of.
I’m just the real me.
Pure and simple. Still incomplete.

I am not human, I am not happy,
Life it was truly shit.
People pretend and dump you like that.
I am not shit, I am a homo sapiens.

I am not shit for a fucking mess,
I am just a girl that would look up for crest,
I am nothing but a lady,
Living in the dark side.
Waiting for my soul to get up.

Made: Around 2005