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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cheating Heart

I never felt this good,
Until you come into my life.
My heart beeps,
And you sweep me off my feet.

I never find the happiness,
But you’re there to chase the sadness.
Please tell me what to do.
Because falling in love makes me crazy.

No words can ever expressed,
The love I feel for you.
Through ups and downs,
But you’re there to cheer me up.

Please say those words,
For the betterment of this one.
I wish it was granted,
Because this cheating heart beeps for you.

Made: June 1, 2004

Close To You

My mind was full of hatred,
Insecure and hate for being dumb.
I was alone through these years,
Bitterness in this soul,
Thoroughly endless.

He came, sweeping me off my feet.
I disgusts him, hate that creature.
Still, he pursues his attention.
But then, I am a girl, truly man-hater.

Love was not meant to be forever.
I believed on this and devoted on it.
Suddenly, tears roll down on my cheeks,
Should I die?
Because I won’t live life that long?

He tells me to fight with it.
He supported me all the way,
But I am weak, hopeless.
I don’t have the courage to face him.

Till the last days of my life,
I and this man get married.
He promised to me forever,
And I will not forget that till the end.

Made: Around 2004

I Am Me

I am the girl, who’s vulgar,
I am the girl, who’s talkative,
But don’t get suspicious,
Because I am me.

I am the girl, who’s insensitive,
And the girl who’s hideous.
But don’t get me wrong,
Because I am damn, but damn bad.

I am the girl, who’s delinquent,
I am the girl, who’s unworldly,
But hey dear friend,
Damn you, it’s just me.
Because I am me.

Made: June 1, 2004


Life was indeed hard,
From the very beginning.
Struggles came,
That tests one’s character.

I’m so sad that I can’t expressed,
These feeling of loneliness.
Is there a better way?
To live life in that lay.

I wish I can fly,
Like the birds can do.
No problems to be think,
Just food for daily life.

Lord helps me in this darkness,
To find the real happiness.
Like the birds in the sky,
Who are free to fly?

Made: June 3, 2004


She was fifteen when she met this man,
Tall, has the looks and definitely something.
Eyes like a ferocious cat,
Smile that brightens her dark day.

She was easily hooked with his character,
Hate the thought of being affected.
But why it should be?
Is Carlo her prince charming?

She know that they are not meant for each other,
And surely they won’t be lovers.
Sleepless nights which she has committed,
Shame on herself for being in love.

Oh Carlo, are you the one?
Would she believe? Would she survive?
Please tell her the answer,
Is she in or out in you cold heart?

Made: June 30, 2004

Jorge San Juan

Jiffy twist of moment I’ve met you,
Oasis in sorrow which I lived for years.
Rage within my soul,
Grip by the nature of love.
Enliven truly, your love so amazing.

Save me from the emptiness,
Anguish of sadness that we’ve known before.
Nothing condemn it, but you’re there hoping for.

Jibe in your presence,
Utopia it may seem, in the world of imagination.
Animation is that is.
Now and forever, I’m always here for you.

Made: Around 2005


I am not someone to be cherished for,
I am not someone to be proud of.
I’m just the real me.
Pure and simple. Still incomplete.

I am not human, I am not happy,
Life it was truly shit.
People pretend and dump you like that.
I am not shit, I am a homo sapiens.

I am not shit for a fucking mess,
I am just a girl that would look up for crest,
I am nothing but a lady,
Living in the dark side.
Waiting for my soul to get up.

Made: Around 2005


How can you left the one you love?
It’s like tearing you in pieces.
With no use of feelings.
Suddenly you’ve fall apart.

How can I be the real me?
When you’re the one who completed it.
It’s like having heartaches,
Undeniably sorrowful.

What am I going to do?
It’s hard to let go.
You’re my love,
You’re my life.
You’re my everything.

Now, I’m facing the biggest trial that
I’m destined to deal with.
That is to quit and say goodbye.

Made: Around 2005


From now and then, I know you’ve suffered.
Otiose I may seem, but still a simple one.
Restless within your heart.
Governed by me in fulfillment for.
Ironically, we’ve fall for each other.
Vacuity is what we’ve truly experienced.
Entailed by God’s love, whose worth is dying for?
Now and forever, let’s keep the
Eternal flame that flows between you and me.
Stay with me for always.
But hey,
Sorry about yesterday.

Made: Around 2005

All My Life

Pain, sadness,
That I’ve been trying to hide.
Smile, forgiveness,
I am not free for them to do.
Tears, joy,
Wondering how they began?
Love, heartache,
Shit. That’s the way it is.

Life, world,
This is beautiful.
Trials, obstacles,
I am willing to solve.
People, strangers,
Part me of is a part of you.
Nature, society,
No. they’re meaningful.

First love, first heartache,
I thought it would really last.
First kiss, first roses,
Unforgettable it may seem.
Months Aries, birthdays,
Please be reminded to do so.
Goodbye, farewell,
Instead, “I love you hello.”

True love, undying one,
A wonderful person.
It’s love, its care.
I could not ask for more.
Happiness, sorrow,
Strengthens the flame.
Your life, my life,
Entailed to be one forever.

Marriage, proposals,
Oh lovely is that is.
Rings, bells,
I can’t hear but felicity.
Family, children,
The most wonderful gifts.
My man, my husband,
I love you with all of my life.

Made: Around 2005


Name that lingers,
A soul that evoked beneath my life.
A man that will never be chased,
Unless the love breaks its chain.

Remember the first day we met?
Ironically absurd it may seem.
But our souls meet through mms.
Like rain of August,
Cupids wrecked it apart.

Feelings jibe in the mere utopia,
In the crest of sunshine.
A love blooms in the fountain,
Wandering of its eternity.

Zany it may seem,
This man drives me crazy.
I don’t care for the realities,
Facing them creates the future.

Whatever the reality is,
Though happiness may fade.
Tears will be wasted,
Crying over you joins the sacrifice.

Still, you’re undefined.

Made: Around 2005


In the abyss of this wide imagination,
A shadow suddenly joins the scion.
You never thought that it could be real,
Until you’ve finally thought it’s for surreal.

He came to the thought of eternity,
Sweethearts vowed their fruitful unity.
Promises were even made like trash,
Keeping you dump and alive within the dust.

Never say forever, unless the feeling is true.
Dreaming on fairytale that will never fade.
I was living on my own dreamland,
Waiting for you, but you never come.

Made: November 24, 2005

Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

I hear the bells waving goodbye,
Tearing me into pieces as I feel it.
Searching for the answer why it could have
Been like these?
Why destiny left us apart?
Was it me that should be blame?
Or is it you, because you insist?
I’m wondering of my future,
Seeing my love one from this dreamland,
Caressing me with his bountiful love.
Touching my soul on its deep feeling.
As I laid my eyes on you.
It hurts when you said goodbye.
Now, I’m lost in this moment,
Where should I be?
To the one whom I can’t live
Without if he’s not here?
Or to the one who loves me whom he
Can’t live his life without me?
Now, I’ve learned my way.
One is enough, because it’s nicer
To share your life with only one
Person, than to hurt someone
Just because of damnation.

Made: December 15, 2005


Just like a pill,
You tortured my heart.
Underestimate by your love,
I was prison in your arms.
Save me from the bells,
I knew it was you that I love.
Time may separate us,
Still, love entailed us to be two.
Imagination may seem unreal,
Cupids just wrecked it apart.
Never say goodbye,
For my life is with you,
Until I die.

Made: Around 2005


Looking through the picture,
I saw you smiling.
Your eyes that shows happiness,
That smile which weakens my system,
I saw you freely, happy,
But you have never been mine.

Hoping you is here,
Catching every breath as I thoroughly cope.
That smile which captured my heart,
I’ve been there before,
But still, I wasn’t good enough.

As I kiss you tenderly,
Memories still remained.
Your lips showed me the way,
I’ve kissed that before,
But still,
You’re not mine.

Made: December 30, 2005

He's There But Never Been Mine

Your smile,
That truly binds the molecules,
Captivated by Zion in the memory of faith.
Those lips,
Chased by the sweetness,
Underestimate by yours in this sweet caress.
Your eyes,
I was hooked by your sight,
Catching every look as you passed by.
You’re always there,
Sweeping me off my feet,
Slowly torturing my heart.
You showed me the way,
Your words remained in my pleasure,
As I caress my hand with deep sadness.
She’s lucky,
For having you in her life,
As someone you can stand with.
You’re there,
And I was hoping for.
She’s with you,
And it tears me apart.
As I see myself here crying,
While you’re with me,
Yet you’re someone else property.

Made: December 30, 2005


I’m standing here,
Escaping from the truth.
Fluming in sorrow,
Running away from you.

I say it’s over,
But still, you’re fixing it.
Hiding with felicity,
And I was dumped.

In this journey,
I find you in the mere utopia,
I thought you’ll go look for me,
But then, I saw you over her.

Made: December 30, 2005

Me Myself And I

Just as the way you look through my messages,
Unpleasant ideas contemplate your heart to spoken up.
Living my life as one, sharing this
Unforgettable memory for you to have.
Intense happiness is what GRC brings to me.
Odds of emotions that continuously flow with the beat
Of rhythm.
Despite of the critics that I experienced everyday.
Always remember this:
Michelle never hides, and I don’t give up too.

Made: Around 2005


Life is but an abyss of imagination,
Struggles came within the union.
Pumping this rhythm towards mine.
Searching for the truth, still undefined.

I’m so sad that I can’t express.
This feeling of loneliness.
Is there a better way,
To live life in that lay.

Lord helps me in this darkness,
Find the one and real happiness.
Like the birds in the sky,
Who is damn free to fly.

Made: January 26, 2006


He can’t be that too talkative unless I’m the
one he’s chatting to.
His day won’t be complete if I’m not here
Beside him.
He can’t sleep well if I’m not the one he’s
hugging on.
He can’t concentrate on something if I’m in
Deep trouble and
He can’t smile without me.

He hates me for being flirt,
But he loves me for what I am.

He don’t like my fashion statement,
But for him, I’m sexy like hell.

Made: Around 2007

Thank You

Thank you for teaching me how to live my
Life at it’s best.
Thank you for showing me how much you love me the
Way we both wanted it.
Thank you for the times of happiness, whom
We’ve shared behind our problems.
Thank you for keeping me warm against
Everyone that seems to destroy us.
Thank you for the wonderful times that we’ve
Been through.
Thank you for being my light when I’m lost in
The dark.
Thank you for loving me though it’s too late for
Me to give my true love back on you.
Thank you,
Because with you,

I’m like a princess who finally found the
Man of her life.

Made: Around 2007


Just wondering if forever thoroughly
Ends like a blue star to black hole
Remembering how our relationship leads
Us to
Otiose circumstance that absolutely
Meditate our souls to be intact though
Life test us to
Endearing phases of our lives yet hard,
But totally meaningful.

Made: March 1, 2007

Believe On Me

You said I don’t love you,
But I do.
You said I don’t care for you,
But I do care a lot for you.

I said I love you so much,
But you never believe on me.
I do appreciate those gestures,
But you said I was numb.

We both love each other,
But we both find each other at the wrong time.
We both wanted this to be forever,
But you’re sick and tired of me.

I was fool and totally numb.
Not knowing you are the one.
Am I crazy?
Or just a little bit paranoid?

Because life without you is like a tunnel without its exit.

Made: April 17, 2007

Waiting Shed

I’m standing here, waiting for you.
Longing for each day that we’ve been together.

How are you now?
Do you still remember me?

The girl who used to sit here beside you,
Watching your face as we’re waiting for the ride.

I think I’m going crazy, and it’s because of you.
Months have passed, days gone by.
And I’ve never saw that face again.

Where are you now?
What happened to you?
Did you change your daily route?
Or I’ve always missed that chance to sit here in this shed,

Waiting or you,
But still, you’re not home.

Made: April 30, 2007


I see him going onstage,
People burst their joy as they see him coming.
He’s full of robust energy,
And that makes him a crowd favorite.

He jumps, he waves.
As the music brought him here.
Not knowing that his biggest fan is over here.

Watching him from the stage,
Full of love,
Seeing him with his number one happiness.

And as the rhythm drives him into his dreams,
This girl will always be grateful,
Because the vocalist in that guy,
Makes up her music within alive.

Made: April 30, 2007


I love the way AB-2 bond towards each other,
They seem to be aloof at first,
Nut more or less, they’re such a fun
bunch of talkative Homo sapiens.

We laugh hard and we talk as if there’s no
We definitely don’t mind others about their
Accusations against us that we’re just all
About beautiful faces.

We’re just real, so what’s wrong in a
Pretty face if we can talk in a way
That could make sense?

Made: April 04, 2007

Silence In My Heart

I cry,
And nobody sees it.
I fall,
But no one catches me.

I feel your love with the wind’s caress,
I see your tears as you touch my hand,

In this damnation,
In this world full of busy people,
I am only one,

But I can’t find myself alone.
When you’re here,
And yet you’re far.

Made: July 06, 2007


I want to run,
Run as fast as I can.
Feel all the sweat slowly passing through my neck,
Letting each step run as far as they could.

I want to fly,
Fly like birds.
Gently telling me life’s beautiful lesson
And flapping your wings no matter
What they say.

Sometimes, I just want to be with him,
Loving him for every breath that I breathe.
But sometimes, life isn’t so easy,
I love him,
But then,
I’m not the right girl for him,
When I’m trying to be the one
For him.

Made: July 11, 2007


Don’t think you’re unlucky,
Life’s a test.
Never think you’re alone,
God is with you.
Limit yourself on loving too much,
Do love yourself more than someone else.
Be someone to look up on,
Being on your own best way.
Share every minute you have,
For your special ones whose been
With you through the years.
Love not only once,
Since breakup is not the end of your world.
Failure is a normal thing,
So what’s the use of second chance?
If you get it?
Live life to the fullest, it maybe hard,
But hey,
If you’re with Him, life is beautiful.

Made: July 11, 2007


You know why I love just being alone?
I can deeply expressed myself in a
Way silence can appreciate my words.

You know why I just love myself
Even though I’m not perfect?
Every time I see myself on mirror
Knowing I’m alive because of a purpose,
I am sure, I was one of
God’s pretty creation.

And you know what truly makes
Me happy?
That is when I finally realized
How lucky am I
For having him in my life.

Made: August 16, 2007


I love being in love.
It’s the only thing that drives me to happiness.
No tears as long as you’re both contended.
No pain when you know you are true to your words.
No heartaches when you know it’s just you and that person.
No rules unless dishonesty surfaced the relationship.

A journey where I can be the real one.
Time isn’t a need but a must.
And discovering the zest of life to its boundaries.

A journey where everything is not limited,
But it’s okay.

Made: August 21, 2007

All We Need Is Love

When you love,
You cry,
Get hurt,
You weep,
You stumble,
And more often, you fall.

And when he’s gone,
You’ll cry again,
You’ll going to feel like it’s hard to believe,
It will take a lot of time to recover.
And moreover,
It’s like the end of the world.

So why still believing on it when all you
Can feel is sadness beyond happiness?
Because I’m telling you,
Every drop of tear that falls on this face,
Is a reminder of a true and real love.

Made: August 25, 2007

Alone 2

It hurts knowing I’m alone when you’re not around.
It’s like having a disease, really dangerous.
Tears fall when you’re caught with someone else.
It’s like a migraine that kills your brain.

I don’t like the idea of parting,
When all I know is that you’re all I wanted.

Memories tend to creep,
Tears won’t stop unless the pain is gone.
Loneliness surfaced as you begin to walk away.

And my life won’t be so easy to handle,
When I knew that it’s really you.

Made: August 26, 2007


I love the way he carries himself,
Just a man behind his imperfections.
I love his simplicity,
Just t-shirt, denim pants and plaid sneakers.

I never thought of liking him for he’s just a friend.
A barkada.
Moreover, I never thought that I’m going to fall
Until I saw him dancing on the floor.

And things get more complicated when he asked me for a dance,
And as the music play, and as what the old thought says, “There’s magic”

Until now, I’m still hooked with the happenings,
I don’t know whether it’s real or not.
I just can’t escape for a fact that I’m deeply in love with him.

Call me crazy, crazy for having a feeling like this.
Just for a night of a Cinderella story.

But when I say I love him, believe me it’s true.
When I know nothing but me and him.

And most of all,
I maybe a playgirl before,
But when it comes to Raymond I’m hell serious.

It’s all about the essence of a real intention and real love.

Made: August 21, 2007

Raymond 2

Remember the first time you hold my hand?
How you touch me and the way you caressed it.
From the gentle kiss through the little hugs,
Slowly, you’re sweeping me off of my feet.

Those eyes with a depth,
Your eyelashes that hides mystery,
Your face that creates a sight to behold,
And your lips that shows quietness but a taste to be remembered.

And as days count,
And as you proved to me that you are real,
And the way you appreciate me is the more I love you.

I’ve given my all,
I’ve showed my real intention,
I sacrificed everything just for you.

But what lies behind your beautiful eyes is a lie that almost killed me.

When I knew that you’re mine,
When I thought that you are the one,
When I’m starting to commit seriously,
But then,
You’re someone else’s property.


I remember this girl, whom I used to have,
She’s the dream girl of every guy could have.
But behind her features,
Is an abyss of loneliness?

I must admit that she’s different from the others,
When her striking personality boasts in.
I wonder why those eyes keep on staring at me,
When all I know is that she has expressive eyes.

How I wish I could wrap her around my arms,
Loving her for every time she’s with me.
How I could be so happy for having her,
Knowing she’ll complete me totally.

Made: September 08, 07

Just The Way You Are

I loved everything about you,
From the little details down to your vanity.
I never thought of liking you,
Knowing you exist but then you’re not around.

You came into my life without a notice,
Slowly I fell as days passed us by.

How I wish you’re here with me,
Telling you that I am for real.
Loving you till the every breath,
Taking care of you in a way nobody does.

When I’ve finally thought this is for true,
When there’s no time for me to back out,
When I’m ready to face the reality,
And when I’m here waiting for you,

But then,
You don’t love me.

Made: September 29, 2007


A must see adventure,
A grateful experience for you to enjoy,
A piece of blessing in everyone’s arm,
A phase of discovering yourself.

And yet,
When it grows,
It also ends.

When it evolves,
Change is expected.

Like a piece of paper,
Once crumbled
And everything will change.

Made: November 08, 2007


After all this time,
I thought I’ve already moved on.
That I don’t miss you every single minute,
That I can live a life without your presence,
I can be the bravest girl after the breakup,
With no tears and pain,
Just a smile.
Every memory were erased,
Every part of you is forgotten.

But the more I think I’m brave,
The greater chance of breaking down.
Regrets were born,
So I did lie.
And when I’m here,
And yet he’s far away.

Never in a minute that he cheated on me,
Never in a day that he forgot to tell that had he cared,
Never in a moment that he lied on me.

So when he does,
While I’m not.

And it’s been three months since our breakup,
All the while I thought I’m not affected.
But my heart finally gave in,
And admitted the fact that I still love him.
Yeah it is.
But I’m not hoping anymore for us to recon ciliate.
I know he’s happy now,
He’s contended,
He can live his life without me.
So I guess,
It’s really time to move on.

Made: November 17, 2007


When everything seems to be blurry,
All you want is to runaway.
When life throws you,
Hopes were unexpectedly gone.

When failure comes,
Effort is tend to be forgotten.
When your love one leaves you,
You begin to lose yourself.

When no one seems to appreciate you,
God never rejects his son.
When the world turns his back on you,
I’m just here.
For I’ll never leave you, unless you told me so.


Again, I’ve lost the one I really love.
It’s more painful from the previous.
And again, I was shattered into pieces.

I’ve always dream of being with him until my last breath,
Having our baby that we’ve been anticipating to have before.
Living with his big family,
Taking care of him and our children.

I want a simple life,
Wherein I can know for sure that I am
Happy even though materials aren’t
Present the way real love do.

It’s just so sad that this phase in my
Life suddenly ended.
And now, I’m all alone.
Still crying and weeping for a man who
Opens my door to realized that I have
The rights to gained happiness in his

And yet,
I lost him in a snap because of me.

Made: November 2, 2007


Before, my life was an empty shell since the day he left.
That I can’t find another him in this damnation,
That I can’t find happiness, and yet
I did.

At first, it was hard.
Thinking all relationships are made to cause
You pain.
That the more you love the person, the chances
Of breaking your heart.

At some point, there is reconciliation.
Knowing it could be sweeter the second time
But when faith twists your life, it could be nothing.

Live Life

You have the life to live,
And you’re lucky.
Trials can lose your hope,
And do expect it.
You are a believer,
So please have faith on Him.
Never let those words bring you down,
Stick to your own strengths.
They can treat you bad,
And you can grow up.
They won’t stop,
But be optimistic.
Prayers meant something,
There’s nothing if you just do.
Smile for it can ease the pain,
Look around and see the difference.
I’m here,
We’re here.
Always and you’re lucky.

Especially For You

I can’t explain it,
But I can feel it.
It hurts,
But I keep it inside.
I’ve lost him,
And yet I lost myself too.
I was confident,
And I break the rules.
I doubted your words,
And so I regret.
I’ve been unpredictable,
And tears began rolling.
When I’m ready to be with you,
Realizations were too late.

Made: January 14, 2008

Present Vs Past

She had given you so many memories,
While she’s been making memories with you.

She was your true love,
While she’s trying to be your real love.

She knows the real you,
While she’s on journey getting to know you.

She can handle your tantrums,
While you’d given her a clueless situation.

She’s with you when you’re in trouble,
While she’s far away doing her best to comfort you.

Danny Pagaduan

Destiny is what the called it. Feelings
Arise in the middle of summer.
No one would ever thought that you are lonely
Beneath those
Naughty looks of yours, thinking you’re a
Heartless one. But with
Your sweet gestures, I was hooked.

Personality tops your best asset,
Amidst the first impression that never last. Learn to
Give yourself more of love.
And you’re bound to
Desirable happiness that you’ve been wanting to.
Unwanted moments may leave you heartaches.
Just don’t
Anticipate and don’t expect. Just
Nurture yourself in a way no one can ever do.


I really like you,
And that is true.
You can lighten my whole day,
With every smile in each snap.

I really love you,
And that is a fact.
You make me crazier,
You can drive me insane.

How I wish you were really mine,
How I wish I could touch you freely,
Feeling every beat that run through my fingertips.

You smiled,
And that is real.
I’ve loved you,
Even though it’s hard.

I can have you right now,
I can be with you as always.

But then, you’re not really mine.


In the amidst of sunlight,
I saw your face upon its height.
Trapped underneath the dark,
Your eyes flashed his spark.

Chased by the shadow,
Your gazed covered by rainbow.
My life’s been restless,
And you leave me breathless.

Beneath the moon is your beauty,
You captivated me with its purity.
Inside your immortality that lasts,
I see forever with a blast.

January 13, 2010
Michelle Corbe