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Friday, December 25, 2009

My 2009 ♥

It's a year of unexpected happenings and yet some of our co-Filipino's experienced some tragic and disastrous moments in their lives. Eventhough it was a bad year for some, i am sure that we're still kind of blessed for we're still alive and we surely learned things about this.

My 2009 is definitely awesome. Here are some of the unforgettable things that made my year with a BANG! :DD

JANUARY - I travelled all the way from Nueva Ecija to Pampanga. It was really crazy. It's my first time there. I went there for an interview and exam at NCO and Sutherland, Clark Pampanga. Actually, i got failed. But, it's okay. Because i got a call from CVC Main Branch telling me that they're hiring me and i am going to work in DFL San Jose. It's a birthday gift. It started my year with so much delight.

FEBRUARY/March - I started working at DFL on the day of February 5. It went fine but a little bit not okay. Why? It was so much different from my Jollibee's woking experience. At DFL, i have worked for almost 7hours a day. But the salary was so good that i could not ask for more. I treat my family and buy them some stuff. All of the hardships paid off.

APRIL/MAY - All of the DFL branches had this outing at Olongapo. It was unforgettable. Why? It was actually my first time to drink liquor while inside the vehicle going to our destination. It's fun. We drink, ate Mangga, chicharon and some foods that made our travel so good. I was the chosen muse of our branch, but they cancelled the said pageant for some reasons that i don't know, but it's okay. I'm there to play, have fun and to unwind. There are parlor games that made us bond with the other branch. The summer days went good. I was hooked with someone, but he's only a special friend.

JUNE - I was so effin tired because of the long line of customers purchasing their stuffs like bags, etc for the opening of school. But i am glad that my managers had help me a lot. Lastly, i am suspended for almost two weeks because of someone's immaturity. She's a liar, a fake friend and a backfighter. Moral lesson? I shouldn't give my trust that easily to someone. Tsk!

JULY - My last month at DFL. Sad but happy. We throw a despedida party at Maharlika with the rest of the gang. We drink, eat and swim till 12 midnight. I had fun and it was my first time to wear a skimpy boy leg. I love it. I love my pear shaped bod. And i am proud of it.

AUGUST/September - I started a novel. It's a fiction, but i wish that somehow it may actually happen, i hope. I join some text clans to avoid boredom, i gained new friends. I met this guy who made me realized that love is actually risking yourself for something and you'll end up happy. He also made me feel loved. He completed my whole year.

OCTOBER - I decided to continue my studies. But, not in CLSU anymore, i'll be transferring to CGC. Why? It's not because i can't finish my course there. It's because of the distance. I can't stand taking classes at 4 different colleges, and the course that i am taking up there is not my interest. I don't regret leaving CLSU. It's my choice. By last week of October, i enrolled at CGC taking up Commerce.

NOVEMBER - CGC is a bit good and a half boring. Two of it's facilitators criticized me about my grades in CLSU. If they only knew how much time and energy i had through just to earned that and CLSU has this high quality of education. My friends know what is my capacity and capabalities. I never though that i'll be facing such humiliation there. I'm about to break a sweat. I'll let them know who is Michelle and what i am capable of. My friends always find me SMART and i think i'll be living with that.

DECEMBER - It's the holiday of love, smiles, hugs and the season to pig out. On the second week of this month, i take up my prelims and i am so good and confident that all of them will have high scores. I reviewed a lot and i'm sure my determination and hard work will paid off. It's Christmas. I'm so excited with my mother's yummy dishes and strutting my high waisted skirt on that day. My man made my day special by being present. He is a man of full surprises. Next week, we'll be welcoming the new year and i am looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys! ♥♥

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Di na-save yung ginawa kong post for the whole experiences of my 2009. Nagloko ang connection. Wala akong duplicate. Sayang. Tinamad na ako. =(

Friday, November 27, 2009


** What I'm doing now?
Currently, I am studying again at Core Gateway College.
** Do you like the school?
Not much. But then, I am bound to like it much because of it's distance from my house.
** Are you serious?
** How's your first day?
It went fine though I'm a bit aloof or feeling uneasy because of my new environment.
** What is your course?
Commerce. But I'm planning to take BSED Major In English
** How's your classmates?
They're young and I'm one of the Ate's. It's okay, i get a lot of respect more than i can imagine.
** How about your schoolmates?
I met this guy and he's really TALL ( about 6'1" ). He's really something. The problem is he's an APO ( connected to T**** )
** What's wrong with that?
I might say that maybe she's been using that guy for a revenge. Remember we had a fight! ?

To be continued =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Cast of Boys Over Flowers ( Main )

From : BOF

♥♥Geum Jan Di

From : http://www.squidoo.com/boys-before-flowers

Jan-di is a commoner whose parents operate a Laundromat. She is a swimmer of her school which doesn't even have a swimming pool. One day, she visits Shinhwa high school, where the top 1% of the wealthy children gets to go, and accidentally saves a student from a suicidal attempt. After this incident, she is scouted to this prestigious school as a swimming athlete. The school itself and the students who go there do not suit her taste, but Jan-di bears the problematic circumstances, as her parents wish her to get close to the rich. She happens to step out for her classmate who is being bullied by four boys, called F4, and gets the 'Red Card'. As the whole school starts bullying Jan-di, she unexpectedly meets Ji-hoo on the stairway. She bumps into Ji-hoo, but later Joon Pyo shows his feeling for her and their relationship gets tangled.

♥♥Goo Joon Pyo

The leader of F4 and the heir of the largest conglomerate in Korea. Raised by servants, instead of busy parents, Jun Pyo's got the world there is nothing that can not be done. Growing up as the son of the rich family, he has gone through numerous of kidnapping, terror attempt. He is a master of martial arts and self defense skills, but avoids swimming because he experienced drowning when he was kidnapped. His older sister, Joon Hee, is the one who he is afraid the most. Ironically, Jun Pyo falls in love with Jandi, who reminds him of his sister. Jun Pyo's got natural curly hair, hot-tempered, but has an innocent heart. Although he can fluently speak 5 languages, he shows weakness on common sense and Korean vocabulary. Jun Pyo has simple and straight personality and relies upon intuition more rather than being rationalized. He is pure at heart in front of a girl he likes, so he gets hurt when he figures out Jan-di likes Ji Hoo, his closest friend among F4.

♥♥Yoon Ji Hoo

The grandson of the former president of Korea, Dr. Yoon Seok-young, and the most attractive guy among F4. Ji-hoo is the heir of Su-am Cultural Foundation, Art Center, and Orchestra own by his family, and also a musician. He lost his parents at age of five when he got into a car accident. He overcomes the hardness with his first love, Seo-hyeon. Ji-hoo believes that she would be his last love but he can't get to her completely. Jan-di is the one who encouraged him when he was hesitant to get close to Seo-hyeon. With Jan-di's support, Ji-hoo follows Seo-hyeon to France, but comes back after he realized that his feeling for her was admiration, not love. Ji-hoo does not show concern for others, knows what he wants to do, and never sweeps along with others. After Ji-hoo becomes a friend with Jan-di, his personality starts to change and conflicts between love and friendship.

♥♥So Yi Jung

The gifted potter and the successor of the prestigious family. Although Yi-jung has gained reputation for his talent for ceramics, he cannot take away the feeling that he is living a life of his brother. Yi-jung's older brother, who was exceptionally talented and expected to become the heir, left home and also quit working with ceramics. Yi-jung possessed a sense of inferiority and this with this he couldn't settle down with one love. He is a playboy, but gentle and warm-hearted. Although he didn't realize that himself yet, Yi-jung is desperately looking for his one true love.

♥♥Song Woo Bin

Woo Bin is arguably the kindest and most mature member of F4. His family owns a giant corporation in the construction industry. He keeps his cool and rarely loses his temper. Woo Bin is the other of the group's two playboys. His tastes tend towards older women and always goes out nightclubbing and partying with Yi-Jung.

Boys Over Flowers..

My mother always complaint about my ADDICTION towards Koreanovela's. I don't know why i patronized it over our own Telenovela's. Maybe i am just tired of the same old stories being showed into the public.

Reasons why i love the new installment of Hana Yori Dango:

1. Because of the kilig factor though it don't ahve any intimate scenes.

2. Youth oriented. In the sense that it's not a show that shows immorality, etc.

3. The effort. Especially when it comes to their outfits, the houses, the gestures of F4, the places they've visited, etc!

4. The cuteness of Woo Bin's smile.

5. Lee Min Ho's sex appeal. Aw! Above them all, he's my favorite!

6. Lastly, the simplicity of Jandi's face..

I'm already on my 9th episode. 6 episodes to go and i am done with it! ♥

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hannah Montana. The movie

I have already watch the movie last night. She moves from the place where she truly belongs. The story is all about realizing ones's self. That not all glitz and glamour are the only things that may evolve around your world.

I just love the movie so much. Because of it's laid back feel. And the song "The Climb" will truly sooth your emotions.

Plus, Travis is really gorgeous! =)


God, never in my life na nanood ako ng dvd for 3 times a day with one movie lang. My mother was like freakin' out because i used to waste electricity over a movie that's a only a fiction. And besides, i have the books. So why the need of watching it all over again?? Hih. And i can't wait for the second installment on Novemebr 20.

I'm just HOOKED! Oh, how i envied Isabella Swan, and how i'd fall for Edward Cullen's stare. *sigh!

Edward: You are my life now!

Isn't that so sweet?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


12 days of suspension due to immaturity of my co-worker at DFL. But then again, it is not my fault! :p

12 days of tardiness. All i do is sleep, eat, watch my favorite shows on tv, catch the finals of NBA ( good thing my fa kobe and the rest of lakers won! )

12 days of longing for my work,
I miss everything about DFL. The atmosphere, ambience, noisy customers, my category ( ladies ) , my co-csl, dizers, the cubicle, and our three bosses! More than anything my job.

But tomorrow is another day, suspension has finally end its way. I'll be working again. hih! =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Love or Bread Sypnosis..

from: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=545940

When love meets million dollar bread, Can you hold on to your dream love?

Joe Cheng plays the role of Frank who's entire life has achieved nothing, and has to beg for his debts. Ariel Lin plays the role of Zhen Shan Mei, has an ordinary family background, with 3 jobs to support her parents, her brother's family and even has to send money monthly to her boyfriend who's studying in China.

Regardless of her parents disapproval, Zhen Shen Mei resigns from her work, and decides to follow her love in America to get married, but she just found out of her boyfriend's betrayal, and with no money left, she decided to return to Taiwan secretly and there she met Frank and unexpetedly she and Frank will be living in a worn out house together.

One is lazy and irresponsible, one is hard-working and kind hearted, 2 different individuals who's only similarity is to live for money. Frank doesnt like Shan Mei's eagerness to make a living, but eventually his feelings begins to change, but he only keeps his feelings to himself, he's even willing to leave her if its gonna make Shan Mei's happy. Until one day, Shan Mei found her prince, En hao, who's rich, a kind man, and very considerate, very different from Frank who's irresponsible and does not make any progress in life. But when she's with En hao, she's starting to think about Frank, would she give up him up or not....

Love or Bread?

New series. New Story. Another Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin this time.

Hint: Di ko type hair ni Joe Cheng dito, nagmukha syang gay. ampft!

Friday, May 22, 2009

After two years..

Eto yung picture niya ( latest i guess? ) na nakita ko. Parang ewan lang siya dyan, haha! Pero macho pa rin with his braces! Hays, i could not ask for more. Pathetic!

Where? Sa fs ng ate niya. Pano ko nakita fs ng ate niya? Nasa featured friends siya ni Jopet.

On May 23 2009 two years na ang nakalipas ng huli ko siyang makita at makasama.


Only Reminds Me Of You - Mymp

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Try this site also..

I love you more than anything that makes me giddy! aw - Mitchi

Just click the word that makes you kilig.. :p


Candy Magazine May Ish..

Favorite ko as of now eh yung may ish ng candy.
Ganda ng nilalaman especially yung teen issues and their dresses. So colorful and yet di oa ang dating.

Open na yung for Candy Council of Cool for 2009, kung malapit lang kami sa Manila nagjoin na sana ako! ;(

Good job people behind this magazine.. :p

From One Sentence..


The best conversation I've had in six months is when the girl I love and I copy-and-pasted One Sentences to each other through AIM.

tags: meta far away lonely conversation [add]

2009-04-27 15:22:01 / Rating: 119.5 /

What can i say? Romantic! *Nuff said

Current Fave..

Check this site.

I got this one from my favorite magazine, CANDY! ♥


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To My Bestfriend,

She's Aprilyn Santos, one of the coolest girl on Earth.

Many thinks that she's a snob, when she is not. In fact, we started as enemies because of George, haha! Pathetic i guess but then, i am too young at that time so pretty immature acts were expected! :p

I really admire her for her strong sense of willingness, she's real, witty and aside from those, she's extremely beautiful. There were a lot of times that people think that me and her are twins ( because of our skin tone, maybe? haha! ) But i treat her as a sister.

Why you'd loved to love her:
1. Smart - She became IV- Bonifacio's top number one way back before 2005. She's good in recitation and participating in class. There are a lot of responsibilities she got since highschool ( president, etc. )

2. Beauty - One of San Jose's beauty to be seen.

3. Responsible - She's been working in Jollibee San Jose since 2006 while studying at Central Luzon State University.

4. Down to earth - Despite of all the compliment/s and blessing she got, she remains simple and a true one.

5. Friendly - I and her shares the same friends/friendship we had with other people we know. But She's more friendly than i. I am quite choosy and masungit, that's why.

She may not be a totally expressive one when it comes to her feelings. But i will always be grateful for having her. She may not treat me as her bestfriend, but that won't matter, what matter's most is the friendship we had for 9 years.

Love you girl. Mwa!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


1. Di pa pala ako ready sa isang relationship. Okay ako sa pagiging single, dahil sa totoo lang di ko naman kelangan! Ang pagbo-boyfriend sa ngayon eh isang GASTOS lang! :p

2. Sana naka-graduate na rin ako. Pero kaya ko makapagtapos eventhough mahirap pa rin sa ngayon.

3. Sana, Sana..

So many if's, but it's like a water cycle. It will pour now and it will happen anytime as long as there are sources of rain. Just like regrets, it will happen over and over again if you still haven't learn from your mistakes.

Tsk! XD

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Conversation with my ex boyfriend for four years.. =(

March 26, 2009
Around 11:00 pm

Tinawagan ko siya after 2 years. Alam ko namang sasagutin niya yung call. Why? Nasa San Jose City siya, umuwi siya before mag-start yung summer class niya sa San Juan De Letran. Nag-iba voice niya, mas naging lalaking lalaki. Parang may anak na. Lol!

Wala pa rin pinagbago. Dating pa lang ng voice eh napaka-sungit. Sa akin lang ata masungit yan eh. Okay lang, sanay na ako at kasalanan ko naman bakit siya ganun pa rin sa akin.

Sabi niya napatawad na niya ako, pero the way he talk parang hindi pa rin. Hays, bakit kaya nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi? Lagi na lang ako nagkakamali.

Sa totoo lang bihira na tulad niya eh. Lagi ako nasasabihang tanga ng mga long time friends ko why pinakawalan ko pa daw. Kung alam lang sana nila yung mga naging problema eh maiintindihan nila ako at si Jerome.

Jerome: Baka mapahiya ka lang pag nakilala at nakita mo gf ko now? *sarcasm*

Me: Bakit naman? Sobarng ganda ba niya? Eh matagal na tayong di nagkikita, marami ng nagbago sa akin *pinatatag ko lang sarili ko, pero marami na talaga nagbago sakin eh*

Jerome: *natahimik* okay basta pag nasa manila na ako, wag mo ako ite-text at madalas hawak ng gf ko phone ko, okay?

Michelle: Nangangamusta lang naman ako. May masama ba dun?

Jerome: Bakit pa?

Life is so unfair. That's why i often describe it as unpredictable. Because of this, i've learned a lot. Gusto ko umasa na babalik pa siya, pero masyado siyang natabunan ng galit at natatak sa isipan niya na hindi na ako magbabago. Mahal ko pa ba siay> Hindi naman nawala yun eh kahit pa dumating si Roberto at ang hayop na Jesster na yan sa buhay ko.

Mahalaga ngayon okay siya. Wala naman ako pakialam if may gd ba siya talaga o wala? Mahalaga din eh nag-aaral siyang mabuti. Yung pag-inom niya at sa yosi? Di ko na mababawal yun.

Hays. Namimiss ko na yung tao na napaka-sungit, mahigpit, sobrang seloso, possessive, selfish, hard headed minsan, yung maputi, matangkad, malinis sa katawan, napakabango at yung guy na kahit minsan sa four years na yun eh hindi ako nagawang lokohin.

Ganun talaga. =(

Officially Missing You - Tamia
More at MP3-Codes.com

Friday, March 20, 2009

LOve it sees, but it doesn't mind? !

When you fall in love it's not because of what he/she has but the person itself the moment your realizations sink into you.

most of the time, it's a rapid cycle not knowing you've love him/her pertaining to tha good sides that we almost forget its opposite side, our flaws.

Our common mistake that tiggers our mind is the thought of changing him/her for the betterment which is a big NO NO! Why putting her/himself to your must to do list when he's/she's not doing the stuff you're making intentionally?

It's just a matter of acceptance. We must remember that nobody's perfect and that old habits are hard to die.

If you are looking for a person who acn meet your expectations then you're in touble, because even perfectionist fall in love with someone's imperfections.

Great people do come once in our lives, if you are seeking for the ultimatum, you are meeting a life without security.

Love's Uncertainties

Today you were totally in love with each other. But how about tomorrow? Will this feelings remains the same since day one? Are you afraid of getting hurt for the last time around?

You are too serious about this relationship and you're giving your 100% best just to be his/her last. But one of this days your heart will let go. It is, because person get tired too though the feelings and emotions remains the strong.

You'll let go because whether you like it or not,you are tired of waiting to see this for real and not for a play. You don't want to get hurt again because of too much love, i understand. Yeah, it is. But how far will you let yourself be in situation where you are happy but in the other side you are getting hurt as time pass you by. If only you could turn back the time, you will not let yourself fall gagin.

You are totally huting inside, you'll let go when you know things are not the same since the day you fell in love with each other. Love tends to be a confusion especially for those commit a long distance relationship. It sucks though all you can do is to cry over the one you love who is blind to see that you are hurting inside..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

About me..

♥♥Name: Michelle Perez Corbe

Age: 19

Location: San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

Email add: pinkmitchi@hotmail.com

Friendster: pinkmitchi4@hotmail.com

Multiply: pinkmitch7.multiply.com

Ym: mimi_mitchi

Interest: Photography, Movies, Literature, Australian Universities, Foods ( not vegetble dishes, okay? )

Searching for: A life without nothing to worry, eventhough its impossible!

Life for me: is but an abyss of journey where you can live with it as you discover its zest to its boundaries.

An ideal guy would be: a someone whose true to his words and won't take time and distance as a hindrance to a certain relationship.

A place i'd love to visit: would be Boracay and Australia.

I really love this: Candy Magazine.

I am crushing on a guy name: Miguel Crisostomo Alcaraz ( hope i get it right, haha! ) aka Mong Alcaraz of Sandwich, The Bitter Pill and Chicosci

I really really love watching: It Started With A Kiss 1 & 2.

A day won't be complete without: sleeping. i am addicted with it!

As of now i am: SINGLE! and baby you're always welcome to change that! haha

I am dreamin' of winning the last jackpot prize in 6/49 lotto, haha! Honestly, i want my parents to be proud of me once i achive my dreams in life.

I am curious on this guy name: Edward Cullen, everyone knows him. You know him, don't you?

I've been in: Pampanga, Laguna. Only myself travel on those two places. I'm already a lady! :D

I hate: vegetables

I love wearing: girly clothes now, super! =)

Everyone: used to think that i am a Fil-am which is not. I am 100% Filipino! :p

*Just some information about this girl =)

Booty Music - Git Fresh
More at MP3-Codes.com


I have already 100+ poems on my little notebook, but I am too tired to type them down here in my site. But there'll come a time that i will. Hee!

I am already writing poems since elementary days.

I've been a part of a school's newspapers since elementary.

One thing i regret that i didn't put much effort is more focusing to painting. And indeed i love to draw! I may not have talent on singing and writing but my hands are too powerful that are not been exposed TOTALLY!

Status: Single

Yup. It's been two months since the day i left a heartless guy name Jesster Salcedo ( at least here in blogspot i can put yer name in shame stupid guy! )

Sis Joyce ( mellow ) is quite true to her words that whenever she reminisce her memories with Jesster is that "nakakadiri!"

I agree. In the sense that i've wasted my time, effort, love and MONEY to a guy who used to be the only person i've taken seriously!

I feel so sorry. I have my karma with regards about our situation. Tsk!
But eventhough this entry seems full of anger, i am not bitter. Again, I am better!

Old friend by Kyla..

I am lovin' the song very much! Oh, i wish i had a time machine.. tsk!

A million times or more I thought about you
The years, the tears, the laughter, things we used to do
Are memories that warm me like a sunny day
You touched my life in such a special way

I miss the way you'd run your fingers through my hair
Those cozy nights we cuddled in your easy chair
Oh no, I won't let foolish pride turn you away
I'll take you back whatever price I pay

Old friend
It's so nice to feel you hold me again
No, it doesn't matter where you have been
My heart welcomes you back home again

Remember those romantic walks we used to take
You held my hand in such a way my knees would shake
You can't imagine just how much I've needed you
I've never loved someone as I love you

Old friend
It's so nice to feel you hold me again
No, it doesn't matter where you have been
My heart welcomes you back

Old friend
This is where our happy ending begins
Yes, I'm sure this time that we're gonna win
Welcome back into my life again

Yes, I've tried to live my life without you
Knowing I had lost my closest friend
And though I'm feeling low from time to time
Knowing I will never find the kind of love I had when you were mine

Old friend
It's so nice to feel you hold me again
No, it doesn't matter where you have been
My heart welcomes you back

Old friend
This is where our happy ending begins
Yes, I'm sure this time that we're gonna win
Welcome back into my life again

Welcome back into my life again
Welcome back into my life again

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Up to now, di ko pa sya napapanood.
di ko alam if papanoorin ko na lang or
babasahin yung buong books????

Digicam or Cellphone?

Di ako avid fan ng mga mms phone, pero adik ako sa picture picture. Di ko alam tuloy ano bibilhin. Digicam o Cellphone?

Eh typr ko pa naman yung Nokia 5300, tsk!

They Kiss Again

I love, love, love this love team! ;)

One wacky night at CVC San Jose..

Just pictures of me with my fellow co-workers at CVC..

Yeah baby, i am super busy. But still, i can manage my blog account though an entry per day is a must.

I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin Mccain
More at MP3-Codes.com

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yeah baby! I'm lovin' the changes in my life as of now. I am proud to say that AFTER MY BREAKUP WITH JESSTER SALCEDO, everything went so right.. =)


Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet twenTEEN :DD *January 29, 2009

*picture: made by ambal joyce dimasin! thanks ambal ko! ♥

I'm 20 years old already. I can't believe the years that i've been going through. The hardest to the easiest problems that are destined for me to realized that life isn't easy to handle! I am bound to experienced things for the coming years. A bit harder i guess especially now that i'll be working at CVC San Jose.

I am hitting the floor to share my 20 things, thoughts, experiences for the past years that made a scar on my life!

1. January 29, 1989 - the day i was born, 'nuff said.

2. Learning to talk, walk, play, and to bike. lol!

3. Schooling - Elementary was memorable. It was there when i experienced my first love and first heartache at a young age. I've joined such competitions like poster making, slogan and i was able to be a part of The Blaze, Barangayette Officers.

4. HighSchool - I became our class top 1. Whew! All the hardships are worth enough for me to join the pilot class next year ( sophomore stage )

5. First Boyfriend- He is my first love, everyone knows that! It's a good thing that we're friends =)

***** to be continued..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Forbidden LOve ( September 23, 2007 - January 12, 2009 )

I'm not bitter. I am better! When i said it, i mean it! But then again, there were times when i often told to myself if i am a good girlfriend. I am quite selfish, greedy, inconsiderate or immature enough that's why i encounter some fights with my Ex's.

My fairytale finally ended its way in a nice but a heartless conversation. Whenever i glance into the girl's profile i can't help but to think. Like if she's taking care of him in my way that nobody does, i guess. But, she has her own way that's why Trigz fall for her. I know i don't have to discuss these things, but i am just emphasizing the entire emotions that are been unraveled.

My friends always ask me if i am okay or just controlling my tears about the breakup. Again, i am very much confident to confide that i don't even cry during our breakup. I don't even got hurt when i finally caught him hiding this things ( I'm talking about the girl! ). For the last time, i just want him to be the first to tell that one. I just want him to be frank and be staightforward when it comes to his feelings. Was it a nice act, right?

We've been good friends since day one, eventhough this relationship wasn't good i won't let this thing affect our great friendship. Am i too kind or just martyr enough when it comes to him? I don't know, maybe i'm all grown up. Thinking that a little stuff like these shouldn't be taken seriously for it might kill my concentration about my goals in the future.

For the meantime, i just want to be alone. I just don't want to get acquainted with new people ( especially guys ). Maybe I'm just afraid to commit in a new relationship for it might hurt a lot the way Jesster did it to me for the first ten months of our relationship.

Someday, my prince will walk into my life without hesitations, lies, hidden emotions, and secrets. He will make me happy the way everyone wants. He will be honest, faithful, loyal and won't even hide things that may destroy our relationship. It's quite impossible to have a prince who possess this qualities, but who knows he's just around and I'm just blind enough to see him.. =]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Steep By Nina

People who are falling out of love can relate with this song..

Steep - Nina

Softly, gently, I will let you down
Cause I don’t love you in the same way now
I can hold you but not with lover’s arms
Cause you are more of a brother to me now
And I can lie next to you, but I can’t lie to you

So walk into the sun and watch me
Run into the rain,
For you the future’s easy, so don’t weep, for me it’s getting

I loved you for exactly who you are,
And I’d say you’ve come the nearest yet by far,

And I can lie next to you, but I can’t lie to you

So walk into the sun and watch me
Run into the rain,
For you the future’s easy, so don’t weep, for me it’s getting

Steeper and in the dark that’s where I want to be
Deeper, I’m going somewhere you won’t want to see…

So walk into the sun and watch me
Run into the rain,
For you the future’s easy, so don’t weep
Yes I will watch you,
Walk into the sun and watch me
Run into the rain drops
For you the future’s easy, so don’t weep
For me it’s getting

STEEP.. *sigh

Forever may not be forever unless the two of you worked hard on it.It's like you're entering a phase of your life where you meet uncertainties. Once, the two of you are so into each other, but love also fades like a beauty of a dying rose.

Why? I just don't know. Whenever that thought enters my mind,the only thing i knew is that I'm tired of meeting a new guy, getting acquainted with him and who knows he may hurt me like the way some guys did it to me before.

I love my guy now, but with all respect that if he's tired of this thing, I'll let him go. I'm not a selfish girl, i know when to let go and to hold on. It's just that a relationship with an undefined status for the moment isn't nice, so why continue it if you're feelings are bound to steep?

It hurts when your partner is falling out of love with you. The hard thing is you never know unless he's somewhat cold and most of all he won't speak unless you ask her/him. Honesty is a must. If you're not a heartless one, why let him/her suffer?

People change. People regret. People love. But they can never love again the way they've love someone before. And with this experience i had right now, i think i can never love like this again.

"Nothing is constant in this world. Everything change."