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Monday, July 20, 2009

Boys Over Flowers..

My mother always complaint about my ADDICTION towards Koreanovela's. I don't know why i patronized it over our own Telenovela's. Maybe i am just tired of the same old stories being showed into the public.

Reasons why i love the new installment of Hana Yori Dango:

1. Because of the kilig factor though it don't ahve any intimate scenes.

2. Youth oriented. In the sense that it's not a show that shows immorality, etc.

3. The effort. Especially when it comes to their outfits, the houses, the gestures of F4, the places they've visited, etc!

4. The cuteness of Woo Bin's smile.

5. Lee Min Ho's sex appeal. Aw! Above them all, he's my favorite!

6. Lastly, the simplicity of Jandi's face..

I'm already on my 9th episode. 6 episodes to go and i am done with it! ♥

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