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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Cast of Boys Over Flowers ( Main )

From : BOF

♥♥Geum Jan Di

From : http://www.squidoo.com/boys-before-flowers

Jan-di is a commoner whose parents operate a Laundromat. She is a swimmer of her school which doesn't even have a swimming pool. One day, she visits Shinhwa high school, where the top 1% of the wealthy children gets to go, and accidentally saves a student from a suicidal attempt. After this incident, she is scouted to this prestigious school as a swimming athlete. The school itself and the students who go there do not suit her taste, but Jan-di bears the problematic circumstances, as her parents wish her to get close to the rich. She happens to step out for her classmate who is being bullied by four boys, called F4, and gets the 'Red Card'. As the whole school starts bullying Jan-di, she unexpectedly meets Ji-hoo on the stairway. She bumps into Ji-hoo, but later Joon Pyo shows his feeling for her and their relationship gets tangled.

♥♥Goo Joon Pyo

The leader of F4 and the heir of the largest conglomerate in Korea. Raised by servants, instead of busy parents, Jun Pyo's got the world there is nothing that can not be done. Growing up as the son of the rich family, he has gone through numerous of kidnapping, terror attempt. He is a master of martial arts and self defense skills, but avoids swimming because he experienced drowning when he was kidnapped. His older sister, Joon Hee, is the one who he is afraid the most. Ironically, Jun Pyo falls in love with Jandi, who reminds him of his sister. Jun Pyo's got natural curly hair, hot-tempered, but has an innocent heart. Although he can fluently speak 5 languages, he shows weakness on common sense and Korean vocabulary. Jun Pyo has simple and straight personality and relies upon intuition more rather than being rationalized. He is pure at heart in front of a girl he likes, so he gets hurt when he figures out Jan-di likes Ji Hoo, his closest friend among F4.

♥♥Yoon Ji Hoo

The grandson of the former president of Korea, Dr. Yoon Seok-young, and the most attractive guy among F4. Ji-hoo is the heir of Su-am Cultural Foundation, Art Center, and Orchestra own by his family, and also a musician. He lost his parents at age of five when he got into a car accident. He overcomes the hardness with his first love, Seo-hyeon. Ji-hoo believes that she would be his last love but he can't get to her completely. Jan-di is the one who encouraged him when he was hesitant to get close to Seo-hyeon. With Jan-di's support, Ji-hoo follows Seo-hyeon to France, but comes back after he realized that his feeling for her was admiration, not love. Ji-hoo does not show concern for others, knows what he wants to do, and never sweeps along with others. After Ji-hoo becomes a friend with Jan-di, his personality starts to change and conflicts between love and friendship.

♥♥So Yi Jung

The gifted potter and the successor of the prestigious family. Although Yi-jung has gained reputation for his talent for ceramics, he cannot take away the feeling that he is living a life of his brother. Yi-jung's older brother, who was exceptionally talented and expected to become the heir, left home and also quit working with ceramics. Yi-jung possessed a sense of inferiority and this with this he couldn't settle down with one love. He is a playboy, but gentle and warm-hearted. Although he didn't realize that himself yet, Yi-jung is desperately looking for his one true love.

♥♥Song Woo Bin

Woo Bin is arguably the kindest and most mature member of F4. His family owns a giant corporation in the construction industry. He keeps his cool and rarely loses his temper. Woo Bin is the other of the group's two playboys. His tastes tend towards older women and always goes out nightclubbing and partying with Yi-Jung.

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