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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Up to now, di ko pa sya napapanood.
di ko alam if papanoorin ko na lang or
babasahin yung buong books????

Digicam or Cellphone?

Di ako avid fan ng mga mms phone, pero adik ako sa picture picture. Di ko alam tuloy ano bibilhin. Digicam o Cellphone?

Eh typr ko pa naman yung Nokia 5300, tsk!

They Kiss Again

I love, love, love this love team! ;)

One wacky night at CVC San Jose..

Just pictures of me with my fellow co-workers at CVC..

Yeah baby, i am super busy. But still, i can manage my blog account though an entry per day is a must.

I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin Mccain
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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yeah baby! I'm lovin' the changes in my life as of now. I am proud to say that AFTER MY BREAKUP WITH JESSTER SALCEDO, everything went so right.. =)