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Monday, October 15, 2007

now i know =[

it sucks though reality really pays off that every chance of heartache is a beginning of a new YOU!
I just don't know why i have the tendency of falling easily, i guess I'm just one ot the billion people longing for love.
But eventhough remembering each day was a bit bullshit, we just can't seem but accept the fact that LOVE is never without PAIN =[

Here is a picture of chosen set of friends whom I've met through TXTCLAN.
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Mostly are from San Pablo City. You just can't determine the real person unless she/he intend to or not.
It may sound absurd, but i love this people. EXCEPT for those bitches who can never do such great things aside from gossiping you or making bad crafts against you.
What's wrong with being you? What is more acceptable? Being your own true self or pretending someone whom you are not?

Maybe INSECURITY really invades their whole selves just because they never accept their whole appearance or whatever it is.
But, moreover I'm so thankful for having them around though i only communicate with them through SMS.

I belong to the QUEENS. They entitled me as the "Beauty Queen" (how i wish! haha)

TAMADGURL, is my closest of them all. Maybe because we have the same age. And because of our witty side. One thing is for sure, i do love her inspite of some criticisms towards her =]

LOCAFIGLIA, my "mama". I'm her carbon copy though i hate her sometimes for getting fooled easily. But i can't blame her! That's her idiosyncrasy. But one thing is for sure i do love her also.

TOKNE, my "lula". She's the one i ran to whenever i have love problems. She's quite witty and humorous that's why i dig her for that!

LILDEVIL, the jealous and childish type! Eventhough itcan be a little bit irritating, she will always be my friend or sister! Its just a matter o proper understanding. She really loves her Bayrus.

YUKIME, the "clown" of my life. Haha! She can pretend that she's really happy though her lines speak for her udying loneliness. I'm not that too cose with her, but she's always there for me and so do i.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Just The Way You Are

I love everything about you,
from the little details down to your vanity.
I never thought of liking you,
Knowing you exist buth then you're not around.

You came into my life without a notice,
Slowlt i fell as day pass us by.

How i wish you were here with me,
Telling you that i am for real.
Loving you till the very last breath,
Taking care of you in a way nobody does.

When I've finally thought this is for true,
When there's no time or me to back out,
When I'm ready to face the reality,
And when I'm here waiting for you..

But then,
You don't love me


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You know why i
just love being alone?

I can deeply expressed
myself in a way
silnce can appreciate
my words!

You know why i just
love myself eventhough
I'm not perfect?

Everytime i see myself
om mirror knowing I'm
alive because of a purpose,
I am sure, I was one of
God's pretty creation.

And you know what truly makes
me happy?
that is when i finally
realized how lucky am i
for having in my life..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

woot! offline.. till next time..

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fast facts about me:

I don't eat vegetable dishes..
I'm somewhat boyish,
though i prefer kikay stuff..


AB2 Devcom

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I love the way AB2 bond towards each other,
They seem to be aloof at first,
But more or less,
they're such a fun bunch of talkative homo

We laugh hard as if there is no tomorrow,
We definitely don't mind the others about
their accusation against us like were
just all about beautiful faces (haha!)

Were just real, so what's wrong in a pretty face
if we can talk in a way that could make sense.


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I wanna run,
run as fast as i can.
Feel all the sweat slowly passing through my neck.
Letting each step run as far as they could.

I wanna fly,
Flying like birds..
Gently telling me life's beautiful lessons,
and flapping your wings no matter what they say.

i just wanna be with him.
Loving him for every breath that i breathe.
But sometimes,
life ain't so easy,
I love him..
But then,
I'm not the right girl for him,
When I'm trying to be the one for him


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I cry,
and nobody sees it.
I fall,
but no one catches me.
I feel your love with the wind's caress,
I see your tears as you touch my hand.
In this damnation,
In this world full of busy people,
I am only one,
Nut i can't myself happy..
when you're here.
Yet your far.


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Looking through the picture,
I saw you smiling,
Your eyes that show happiness,
That smile which weakens my system,
I saw you happy,freely..
But never been mine.

Hoping you are here,
Catching your breath as i thoroughly cope.
That smile which captured my heart,
I've been there before,
But still, i wasn't good enough.

As i kiss you tenderly,
memories still remained.
Your lips showed me the way,
I've kissed that before,
But, still..

You're not mine!


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I see him going onstage,
People burst they're joy as they see him coming.
His full of robust energy,
and that makes him a crowd favorite.

He jumps, he waves.
As the music brought him here.
not knowing that his biggest fan is over here,

Watching him from the stage,
full of love,
Seeing him with his number one happiness.

And as the rhythm drives him into his dreams,
This girl will always be grateful,
because the vocalist in that guy.

makes up her music within alive..


In the abyss of this wide imagination,
A shadow suddenly joins the scion.
You never thought that it could be real,
until you've finally thought it's ffor surreal.

He came on the thought of eternity,
Sweethearts vowing their fruitful unity.
Promises were even made like trash,
Keeping you dumped and alive within the dust.

Never say forever, unless the feeling is true,
Dreaming on fairytale that do never fade.
I was living on my own dreamland,
Waiting for you, but never do come.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Michelle at 18

its really a wonderul experience knowin that i'm finally out of this cocoon.. though time won't take me back to some things that i don't mean to struggle for..
now that i'm already 18, there are some thing/s, habbit/s, vices, bad mannerism/s in me that should be phased out..
1. i have to act like a REAL lady..
2. maintain my voice in a lower tune..
3. have a VERY GOOD proper hygiene..
4. i should STOP spendin my money (parent's money) on some not important things..
5. i should wake up early..
6. be GOOD in school though algebra will be a tough one..
7. less puyat, less breakouts..
8. be showy on affection/s towards my parents..
9. be a kind ATE to my 2 beautiful sister..
10. i SHOULD start eating vegetable dishes.. (how i wish)
11. be wise on choosin' your personal friends..
12. less mataray, more friends..
13. friendster account/s should be check once a week, hokei??
14. be a GOOD, more PATIENT to others esp on handling my clan..
15. ENEMIES are NOTHING.. it can only cause me wrinkles..
16. smile! smile! flirt! flirt! but in a SMART way..
17. go to church every sunday with ALL of your heart..
18. LASTLY, be FAITHFUL and LOYAL to the man who never gives up on you.. my pekto, my bhie, my 'panget', my life, my husband..

Being A Counter Crew At Jollibee

"good morning sir/maam!"
" good evening sir/maam" usual greetings taht you heard whenever you eat at Jollibee..
The crews together with its managers are quite friendly in a way that they value their customers that much without any concern that sometimes their patronizers are abusing their rights in the said store..
I may hardly find it impossible but it is the mere experience that i face as time pass me by..
Your lucky if you have this customer/s with a good manner, but i pity if you have the bad one..
He/she can make you disgust in front of many people.. Where the hell in earth are this people came from? Don't they have the heart to understand that not all the time, we are very attentive with are work. Yah, high expectations exist and so do us.
I'm just a normal student studying at a private school.. Shock? Don't be, em not that rich to afford my tuition fee that's why i seek for a job and luckily, Jollibee hired me as one of their counter crew..
So, for those people who'll gonna read this [ im sure, you're one of Jollibee's valued customer/s] please be FAIR with us, not all the time we are the one's who can satisfy your needs. You have yourself. Never think that you are the boss. Be reminded that in God's eyes we are only one.