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Friday, November 27, 2009


** What I'm doing now?
Currently, I am studying again at Core Gateway College.
** Do you like the school?
Not much. But then, I am bound to like it much because of it's distance from my house.
** Are you serious?
** How's your first day?
It went fine though I'm a bit aloof or feeling uneasy because of my new environment.
** What is your course?
Commerce. But I'm planning to take BSED Major In English
** How's your classmates?
They're young and I'm one of the Ate's. It's okay, i get a lot of respect more than i can imagine.
** How about your schoolmates?
I met this guy and he's really TALL ( about 6'1" ). He's really something. The problem is he's an APO ( connected to T**** )
** What's wrong with that?
I might say that maybe she's been using that guy for a revenge. Remember we had a fight! ?

To be continued =)