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Friday, December 25, 2009

My 2009 ♥

It's a year of unexpected happenings and yet some of our co-Filipino's experienced some tragic and disastrous moments in their lives. Eventhough it was a bad year for some, i am sure that we're still kind of blessed for we're still alive and we surely learned things about this.

My 2009 is definitely awesome. Here are some of the unforgettable things that made my year with a BANG! :DD

JANUARY - I travelled all the way from Nueva Ecija to Pampanga. It was really crazy. It's my first time there. I went there for an interview and exam at NCO and Sutherland, Clark Pampanga. Actually, i got failed. But, it's okay. Because i got a call from CVC Main Branch telling me that they're hiring me and i am going to work in DFL San Jose. It's a birthday gift. It started my year with so much delight.

FEBRUARY/March - I started working at DFL on the day of February 5. It went fine but a little bit not okay. Why? It was so much different from my Jollibee's woking experience. At DFL, i have worked for almost 7hours a day. But the salary was so good that i could not ask for more. I treat my family and buy them some stuff. All of the hardships paid off.

APRIL/MAY - All of the DFL branches had this outing at Olongapo. It was unforgettable. Why? It was actually my first time to drink liquor while inside the vehicle going to our destination. It's fun. We drink, ate Mangga, chicharon and some foods that made our travel so good. I was the chosen muse of our branch, but they cancelled the said pageant for some reasons that i don't know, but it's okay. I'm there to play, have fun and to unwind. There are parlor games that made us bond with the other branch. The summer days went good. I was hooked with someone, but he's only a special friend.

JUNE - I was so effin tired because of the long line of customers purchasing their stuffs like bags, etc for the opening of school. But i am glad that my managers had help me a lot. Lastly, i am suspended for almost two weeks because of someone's immaturity. She's a liar, a fake friend and a backfighter. Moral lesson? I shouldn't give my trust that easily to someone. Tsk!

JULY - My last month at DFL. Sad but happy. We throw a despedida party at Maharlika with the rest of the gang. We drink, eat and swim till 12 midnight. I had fun and it was my first time to wear a skimpy boy leg. I love it. I love my pear shaped bod. And i am proud of it.

AUGUST/September - I started a novel. It's a fiction, but i wish that somehow it may actually happen, i hope. I join some text clans to avoid boredom, i gained new friends. I met this guy who made me realized that love is actually risking yourself for something and you'll end up happy. He also made me feel loved. He completed my whole year.

OCTOBER - I decided to continue my studies. But, not in CLSU anymore, i'll be transferring to CGC. Why? It's not because i can't finish my course there. It's because of the distance. I can't stand taking classes at 4 different colleges, and the course that i am taking up there is not my interest. I don't regret leaving CLSU. It's my choice. By last week of October, i enrolled at CGC taking up Commerce.

NOVEMBER - CGC is a bit good and a half boring. Two of it's facilitators criticized me about my grades in CLSU. If they only knew how much time and energy i had through just to earned that and CLSU has this high quality of education. My friends know what is my capacity and capabalities. I never though that i'll be facing such humiliation there. I'm about to break a sweat. I'll let them know who is Michelle and what i am capable of. My friends always find me SMART and i think i'll be living with that.

DECEMBER - It's the holiday of love, smiles, hugs and the season to pig out. On the second week of this month, i take up my prelims and i am so good and confident that all of them will have high scores. I reviewed a lot and i'm sure my determination and hard work will paid off. It's Christmas. I'm so excited with my mother's yummy dishes and strutting my high waisted skirt on that day. My man made my day special by being present. He is a man of full surprises. Next week, we'll be welcoming the new year and i am looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys! ♥♥

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Di na-save yung ginawa kong post for the whole experiences of my 2009. Nagloko ang connection. Wala akong duplicate. Sayang. Tinamad na ako. =(