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Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 27, 2008

San Pablo, Laguna

The weather again is rainy. It feels me up with so much loneliness thinking why I'm doing such things that is beyond lies or doubts.

It may seem questionable, but i have my instincts telling me to quit and to give up. I love the guy so much that i wanted to see him again for the last time around, if love is not forever, then pain is meant should be, too.. :c

9:00 am, me and fash go to Cabanatuan terminal to ride a bus from Cabanatuan to cubao. Everything went okay except for two things. I forgot to bring my jacket and I'm only wearing a racerback. Second, my menstruation period just arrived. Tsk! What a f*ckin' day!

By 12:00 noon, we finally got there in Cubao and we meet Kuya Mir on Estrella ( somewhere in Makati, i guess! ) We were so much hungry, but we have no time to munch up on a heavy meal because its getting late and we need to catch people from SPC as soon as possible.

2:00 pm, finally we are in SPC, and it rain a bit. Hayss, i forgot to bring my umbrella too. We've waited Irvin and Trigger at 7 eleven ( plaza ). Expectedly, he was late. He's the same trigger they've known before. Sluggish as always.

We go to Kuya Cy2's house and rest for a while. I am so tired that all i want to do is to rest my head, lay down and keep my body free from the ungodly world. Tsk, really my head aches and i want to sleep like there's no waking up.

TO BE CONTINUED *nawalan ako ng gana magtype..

Monday, September 8, 2008

All We Need Is Love

When you love someone,
You cry,
Get hurt,
You weep,
You stumble,
and more often you fall.

And when he's gone,
You'll cry again,
You'll gonna feel like its hard to believe,
It will take a lot of time to recover
and moreover,
Its like the end of the world.

So why still believing on it when all you can
feel is sadness beyond happiness?
Because I'm telling you,
Every drop of tear that falls on this face
is a reminder of a true and real love.

-August 25, 2007-

Love. Love. Love

I love being in love.
Its the only thing that drives me
to happiness.
No tears as long as you're both contended.
No pain when you know you are true to
your words.
No heartaches when you know its just
you and him/her.
No rules unless dishonesty surfaced
the relationship.

A journey wherein i can be the
real me.
Time isn't a need but a must.
And discovering the zest of
life to its boundaries.

A journey where everything
is not limited but its okay.

-August 21, 2007-

Do Appreciate

You know i
just love being alone?
I can deeply expressed
myself in a way
silence can appreciate
my words.

You know why i just
love myself eventhough
I'm not perfect?
Everytime i see myself
on mirror knowing I'm
alive because of a purpose,
I am sure, i was one of
God's pretty creation.

And you know what truly makes
me happy?
That is when i finally
realized how lucky am i
for having you in my life.

-August 16 2007-


Don;t think you're unlucky,
Life's a test.
Never think you are alone,
God is with you.
Limit yourself on loving too much,
Do love yourself more than someone else.
Be someone to look up on,
Being on your own best way.
Share every minute you have,
Especially to your family whose been with you
through the years.
Love not only once,
Because breakup is not he end of your world.
Failure is a normal thing,
So what's the use of second chance if you get it?
Live life to the fullest, it can be tough,
but hey..
If you're with Him, life is beautiful.

-July 11, 2007-

Silence In My Heart

I cry,
and nobody sees it..

I fall,
but no one catches me..

I feel your love with the wind's caress,
I see your tears as you touch my hand,
In this damnation,
In this world full of busy people,
I am only one.

But i can't find myself alone when
you're here, yet you are far.

-July 6, 2007-

Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

I hear the bells waving goodbye,
Tearing me in pieces as i feel it.
Searching for the answer why it could have been like these?
Why destiny left us apart?
Was it me that should be blame?
Or is it you because you insist?
I'm wondering of my future,
Seeing my love one from this dreamland,
Caressing me with his bountiful love
Touching my soul on its deep feeling.
As i laid my eyes,
saying "no one but you".
It hurts when you said goodbye,
Now I'm lost in htis moment,
Where should ibe?
To the one whom i can't live my life with if he's not here?
Or to the one who loves me whom he can't live his life without me?
Now, I've learned my way.
One is enough, because its more nicer to share your
life with only one person,
than to hurt someone just because of damnation.

-december 15, 2005-