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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To My Bestfriend,

She's Aprilyn Santos, one of the coolest girl on Earth.

Many thinks that she's a snob, when she is not. In fact, we started as enemies because of George, haha! Pathetic i guess but then, i am too young at that time so pretty immature acts were expected! :p

I really admire her for her strong sense of willingness, she's real, witty and aside from those, she's extremely beautiful. There were a lot of times that people think that me and her are twins ( because of our skin tone, maybe? haha! ) But i treat her as a sister.

Why you'd loved to love her:
1. Smart - She became IV- Bonifacio's top number one way back before 2005. She's good in recitation and participating in class. There are a lot of responsibilities she got since highschool ( president, etc. )

2. Beauty - One of San Jose's beauty to be seen.

3. Responsible - She's been working in Jollibee San Jose since 2006 while studying at Central Luzon State University.

4. Down to earth - Despite of all the compliment/s and blessing she got, she remains simple and a true one.

5. Friendly - I and her shares the same friends/friendship we had with other people we know. But She's more friendly than i. I am quite choosy and masungit, that's why.

She may not be a totally expressive one when it comes to her feelings. But i will always be grateful for having her. She may not treat me as her bestfriend, but that won't matter, what matter's most is the friendship we had for 9 years.

Love you girl. Mwa!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


1. Di pa pala ako ready sa isang relationship. Okay ako sa pagiging single, dahil sa totoo lang di ko naman kelangan! Ang pagbo-boyfriend sa ngayon eh isang GASTOS lang! :p

2. Sana naka-graduate na rin ako. Pero kaya ko makapagtapos eventhough mahirap pa rin sa ngayon.

3. Sana, Sana..

So many if's, but it's like a water cycle. It will pour now and it will happen anytime as long as there are sources of rain. Just like regrets, it will happen over and over again if you still haven't learn from your mistakes.

Tsk! XD