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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To My Bestfriend,

She's Aprilyn Santos, one of the coolest girl on Earth.

Many thinks that she's a snob, when she is not. In fact, we started as enemies because of George, haha! Pathetic i guess but then, i am too young at that time so pretty immature acts were expected! :p

I really admire her for her strong sense of willingness, she's real, witty and aside from those, she's extremely beautiful. There were a lot of times that people think that me and her are twins ( because of our skin tone, maybe? haha! ) But i treat her as a sister.

Why you'd loved to love her:
1. Smart - She became IV- Bonifacio's top number one way back before 2005. She's good in recitation and participating in class. There are a lot of responsibilities she got since highschool ( president, etc. )

2. Beauty - One of San Jose's beauty to be seen.

3. Responsible - She's been working in Jollibee San Jose since 2006 while studying at Central Luzon State University.

4. Down to earth - Despite of all the compliment/s and blessing she got, she remains simple and a true one.

5. Friendly - I and her shares the same friends/friendship we had with other people we know. But She's more friendly than i. I am quite choosy and masungit, that's why.

She may not be a totally expressive one when it comes to her feelings. But i will always be grateful for having her. She may not treat me as her bestfriend, but that won't matter, what matter's most is the friendship we had for 9 years.

Love you girl. Mwa!

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april said...

dko kbsado dito - hehe. pwede bng ito ipost mo sa blogsite ko? itong post mo bout sken hehe hehe, tas pnu un , gsto ko ilgay link mo sa blogsite ko?