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Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 27, 2008

San Pablo, Laguna

The weather again is rainy. It feels me up with so much loneliness thinking why I'm doing such things that is beyond lies or doubts.

It may seem questionable, but i have my instincts telling me to quit and to give up. I love the guy so much that i wanted to see him again for the last time around, if love is not forever, then pain is meant should be, too.. :c

9:00 am, me and fash go to Cabanatuan terminal to ride a bus from Cabanatuan to cubao. Everything went okay except for two things. I forgot to bring my jacket and I'm only wearing a racerback. Second, my menstruation period just arrived. Tsk! What a f*ckin' day!

By 12:00 noon, we finally got there in Cubao and we meet Kuya Mir on Estrella ( somewhere in Makati, i guess! ) We were so much hungry, but we have no time to munch up on a heavy meal because its getting late and we need to catch people from SPC as soon as possible.

2:00 pm, finally we are in SPC, and it rain a bit. Hayss, i forgot to bring my umbrella too. We've waited Irvin and Trigger at 7 eleven ( plaza ). Expectedly, he was late. He's the same trigger they've known before. Sluggish as always.

We go to Kuya Cy2's house and rest for a while. I am so tired that all i want to do is to rest my head, lay down and keep my body free from the ungodly world. Tsk, really my head aches and i want to sleep like there's no waking up.

TO BE CONTINUED *nawalan ako ng gana magtype..


cy2tec said...

wow bitin nman ituloy mo na

mitchi's undaunnted world said...

haha, opo kuya eto tu2loy ko na!