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Monday, October 15, 2007

now i know =[

it sucks though reality really pays off that every chance of heartache is a beginning of a new YOU!
I just don't know why i have the tendency of falling easily, i guess I'm just one ot the billion people longing for love.
But eventhough remembering each day was a bit bullshit, we just can't seem but accept the fact that LOVE is never without PAIN =[

Here is a picture of chosen set of friends whom I've met through TXTCLAN.
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Mostly are from San Pablo City. You just can't determine the real person unless she/he intend to or not.
It may sound absurd, but i love this people. EXCEPT for those bitches who can never do such great things aside from gossiping you or making bad crafts against you.
What's wrong with being you? What is more acceptable? Being your own true self or pretending someone whom you are not?

Maybe INSECURITY really invades their whole selves just because they never accept their whole appearance or whatever it is.
But, moreover I'm so thankful for having them around though i only communicate with them through SMS.

I belong to the QUEENS. They entitled me as the "Beauty Queen" (how i wish! haha)

TAMADGURL, is my closest of them all. Maybe because we have the same age. And because of our witty side. One thing is for sure, i do love her inspite of some criticisms towards her =]

LOCAFIGLIA, my "mama". I'm her carbon copy though i hate her sometimes for getting fooled easily. But i can't blame her! That's her idiosyncrasy. But one thing is for sure i do love her also.

TOKNE, my "lula". She's the one i ran to whenever i have love problems. She's quite witty and humorous that's why i dig her for that!

LILDEVIL, the jealous and childish type! Eventhough itcan be a little bit irritating, she will always be my friend or sister! Its just a matter o proper understanding. She really loves her Bayrus.

YUKIME, the "clown" of my life. Haha! She can pretend that she's really happy though her lines speak for her udying loneliness. I'm not that too cose with her, but she's always there for me and so do i.

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