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Friday, October 5, 2007

Michelle at 18

its really a wonderul experience knowin that i'm finally out of this cocoon.. though time won't take me back to some things that i don't mean to struggle for..
now that i'm already 18, there are some thing/s, habbit/s, vices, bad mannerism/s in me that should be phased out..
1. i have to act like a REAL lady..
2. maintain my voice in a lower tune..
3. have a VERY GOOD proper hygiene..
4. i should STOP spendin my money (parent's money) on some not important things..
5. i should wake up early..
6. be GOOD in school though algebra will be a tough one..
7. less puyat, less breakouts..
8. be showy on affection/s towards my parents..
9. be a kind ATE to my 2 beautiful sister..
10. i SHOULD start eating vegetable dishes.. (how i wish)
11. be wise on choosin' your personal friends..
12. less mataray, more friends..
13. friendster account/s should be check once a week, hokei??
14. be a GOOD, more PATIENT to others esp on handling my clan..
15. ENEMIES are NOTHING.. it can only cause me wrinkles..
16. smile! smile! flirt! flirt! but in a SMART way..
17. go to church every sunday with ALL of your heart..
18. LASTLY, be FAITHFUL and LOYAL to the man who never gives up on you.. my pekto, my bhie, my 'panget', my life, my husband..

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