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Friday, October 5, 2007

Being A Counter Crew At Jollibee

"good morning sir/maam!"
" good evening sir/maam" usual greetings taht you heard whenever you eat at Jollibee..
The crews together with its managers are quite friendly in a way that they value their customers that much without any concern that sometimes their patronizers are abusing their rights in the said store..
I may hardly find it impossible but it is the mere experience that i face as time pass me by..
Your lucky if you have this customer/s with a good manner, but i pity if you have the bad one..
He/she can make you disgust in front of many people.. Where the hell in earth are this people came from? Don't they have the heart to understand that not all the time, we are very attentive with are work. Yah, high expectations exist and so do us.
I'm just a normal student studying at a private school.. Shock? Don't be, em not that rich to afford my tuition fee that's why i seek for a job and luckily, Jollibee hired me as one of their counter crew..
So, for those people who'll gonna read this [ im sure, you're one of Jollibee's valued customer/s] please be FAIR with us, not all the time we are the one's who can satisfy your needs. You have yourself. Never think that you are the boss. Be reminded that in God's eyes we are only one.

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