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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet twenTEEN :DD *January 29, 2009

*picture: made by ambal joyce dimasin! thanks ambal ko! ♥

I'm 20 years old already. I can't believe the years that i've been going through. The hardest to the easiest problems that are destined for me to realized that life isn't easy to handle! I am bound to experienced things for the coming years. A bit harder i guess especially now that i'll be working at CVC San Jose.

I am hitting the floor to share my 20 things, thoughts, experiences for the past years that made a scar on my life!

1. January 29, 1989 - the day i was born, 'nuff said.

2. Learning to talk, walk, play, and to bike. lol!

3. Schooling - Elementary was memorable. It was there when i experienced my first love and first heartache at a young age. I've joined such competitions like poster making, slogan and i was able to be a part of The Blaze, Barangayette Officers.

4. HighSchool - I became our class top 1. Whew! All the hardships are worth enough for me to join the pilot class next year ( sophomore stage )

5. First Boyfriend- He is my first love, everyone knows that! It's a good thing that we're friends =)

***** to be continued..

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