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Sunday, January 11, 2009

STEEP.. *sigh

Forever may not be forever unless the two of you worked hard on it.It's like you're entering a phase of your life where you meet uncertainties. Once, the two of you are so into each other, but love also fades like a beauty of a dying rose.

Why? I just don't know. Whenever that thought enters my mind,the only thing i knew is that I'm tired of meeting a new guy, getting acquainted with him and who knows he may hurt me like the way some guys did it to me before.

I love my guy now, but with all respect that if he's tired of this thing, I'll let him go. I'm not a selfish girl, i know when to let go and to hold on. It's just that a relationship with an undefined status for the moment isn't nice, so why continue it if you're feelings are bound to steep?

It hurts when your partner is falling out of love with you. The hard thing is you never know unless he's somewhat cold and most of all he won't speak unless you ask her/him. Honesty is a must. If you're not a heartless one, why let him/her suffer?

People change. People regret. People love. But they can never love again the way they've love someone before. And with this experience i had right now, i think i can never love like this again.

"Nothing is constant in this world. Everything change."

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