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Friday, March 20, 2009

LOve it sees, but it doesn't mind? !

When you fall in love it's not because of what he/she has but the person itself the moment your realizations sink into you.

most of the time, it's a rapid cycle not knowing you've love him/her pertaining to tha good sides that we almost forget its opposite side, our flaws.

Our common mistake that tiggers our mind is the thought of changing him/her for the betterment which is a big NO NO! Why putting her/himself to your must to do list when he's/she's not doing the stuff you're making intentionally?

It's just a matter of acceptance. We must remember that nobody's perfect and that old habits are hard to die.

If you are looking for a person who acn meet your expectations then you're in touble, because even perfectionist fall in love with someone's imperfections.

Great people do come once in our lives, if you are seeking for the ultimatum, you are meeting a life without security.

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