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Thursday, March 5, 2009

About me..

♥♥Name: Michelle Perez Corbe

Age: 19

Location: San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

Email add: pinkmitchi@hotmail.com

Friendster: pinkmitchi4@hotmail.com

Multiply: pinkmitch7.multiply.com

Ym: mimi_mitchi

Interest: Photography, Movies, Literature, Australian Universities, Foods ( not vegetble dishes, okay? )

Searching for: A life without nothing to worry, eventhough its impossible!

Life for me: is but an abyss of journey where you can live with it as you discover its zest to its boundaries.

An ideal guy would be: a someone whose true to his words and won't take time and distance as a hindrance to a certain relationship.

A place i'd love to visit: would be Boracay and Australia.

I really love this: Candy Magazine.

I am crushing on a guy name: Miguel Crisostomo Alcaraz ( hope i get it right, haha! ) aka Mong Alcaraz of Sandwich, The Bitter Pill and Chicosci

I really really love watching: It Started With A Kiss 1 & 2.

A day won't be complete without: sleeping. i am addicted with it!

As of now i am: SINGLE! and baby you're always welcome to change that! haha

I am dreamin' of winning the last jackpot prize in 6/49 lotto, haha! Honestly, i want my parents to be proud of me once i achive my dreams in life.

I am curious on this guy name: Edward Cullen, everyone knows him. You know him, don't you?

I've been in: Pampanga, Laguna. Only myself travel on those two places. I'm already a lady! :D

I hate: vegetables

I love wearing: girly clothes now, super! =)

Everyone: used to think that i am a Fil-am which is not. I am 100% Filipino! :p

*Just some information about this girl =)

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