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Friday, March 20, 2009

Love's Uncertainties

Today you were totally in love with each other. But how about tomorrow? Will this feelings remains the same since day one? Are you afraid of getting hurt for the last time around?

You are too serious about this relationship and you're giving your 100% best just to be his/her last. But one of this days your heart will let go. It is, because person get tired too though the feelings and emotions remains the strong.

You'll let go because whether you like it or not,you are tired of waiting to see this for real and not for a play. You don't want to get hurt again because of too much love, i understand. Yeah, it is. But how far will you let yourself be in situation where you are happy but in the other side you are getting hurt as time pass you by. If only you could turn back the time, you will not let yourself fall gagin.

You are totally huting inside, you'll let go when you know things are not the same since the day you fell in love with each other. Love tends to be a confusion especially for those commit a long distance relationship. It sucks though all you can do is to cry over the one you love who is blind to see that you are hurting inside..

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