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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Close To You

My mind was full of hatred,
Insecure and hate for being dumb.
I was alone through these years,
Bitterness in this soul,
Thoroughly endless.

He came, sweeping me off my feet.
I disgusts him, hate that creature.
Still, he pursues his attention.
But then, I am a girl, truly man-hater.

Love was not meant to be forever.
I believed on this and devoted on it.
Suddenly, tears roll down on my cheeks,
Should I die?
Because I won’t live life that long?

He tells me to fight with it.
He supported me all the way,
But I am weak, hopeless.
I don’t have the courage to face him.

Till the last days of my life,
I and this man get married.
He promised to me forever,
And I will not forget that till the end.

Made: Around 2004

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