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Thursday, October 14, 2010

All My Life

Pain, sadness,
That I’ve been trying to hide.
Smile, forgiveness,
I am not free for them to do.
Tears, joy,
Wondering how they began?
Love, heartache,
Shit. That’s the way it is.

Life, world,
This is beautiful.
Trials, obstacles,
I am willing to solve.
People, strangers,
Part me of is a part of you.
Nature, society,
No. they’re meaningful.

First love, first heartache,
I thought it would really last.
First kiss, first roses,
Unforgettable it may seem.
Months Aries, birthdays,
Please be reminded to do so.
Goodbye, farewell,
Instead, “I love you hello.”

True love, undying one,
A wonderful person.
It’s love, its care.
I could not ask for more.
Happiness, sorrow,
Strengthens the flame.
Your life, my life,
Entailed to be one forever.

Marriage, proposals,
Oh lovely is that is.
Rings, bells,
I can’t hear but felicity.
Family, children,
The most wonderful gifts.
My man, my husband,
I love you with all of my life.

Made: Around 2005

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