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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

I hear the bells waving goodbye,
Tearing me into pieces as I feel it.
Searching for the answer why it could have
Been like these?
Why destiny left us apart?
Was it me that should be blame?
Or is it you, because you insist?
I’m wondering of my future,
Seeing my love one from this dreamland,
Caressing me with his bountiful love.
Touching my soul on its deep feeling.
As I laid my eyes on you.
It hurts when you said goodbye.
Now, I’m lost in this moment,
Where should I be?
To the one whom I can’t live
Without if he’s not here?
Or to the one who loves me whom he
Can’t live his life without me?
Now, I’ve learned my way.
One is enough, because it’s nicer
To share your life with only one
Person, than to hurt someone
Just because of damnation.

Made: December 15, 2005

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