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Thursday, October 14, 2010


After all this time,
I thought I’ve already moved on.
That I don’t miss you every single minute,
That I can live a life without your presence,
I can be the bravest girl after the breakup,
With no tears and pain,
Just a smile.
Every memory were erased,
Every part of you is forgotten.

But the more I think I’m brave,
The greater chance of breaking down.
Regrets were born,
So I did lie.
And when I’m here,
And yet he’s far away.

Never in a minute that he cheated on me,
Never in a day that he forgot to tell that had he cared,
Never in a moment that he lied on me.

So when he does,
While I’m not.

And it’s been three months since our breakup,
All the while I thought I’m not affected.
But my heart finally gave in,
And admitted the fact that I still love him.
Yeah it is.
But I’m not hoping anymore for us to recon ciliate.
I know he’s happy now,
He’s contended,
He can live his life without me.
So I guess,
It’s really time to move on.

Made: November 17, 2007

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