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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Name that lingers,
A soul that evoked beneath my life.
A man that will never be chased,
Unless the love breaks its chain.

Remember the first day we met?
Ironically absurd it may seem.
But our souls meet through mms.
Like rain of August,
Cupids wrecked it apart.

Feelings jibe in the mere utopia,
In the crest of sunshine.
A love blooms in the fountain,
Wandering of its eternity.

Zany it may seem,
This man drives me crazy.
I don’t care for the realities,
Facing them creates the future.

Whatever the reality is,
Though happiness may fade.
Tears will be wasted,
Crying over you joins the sacrifice.

Still, you’re undefined.

Made: Around 2005

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