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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Raymond 2

Remember the first time you hold my hand?
How you touch me and the way you caressed it.
From the gentle kiss through the little hugs,
Slowly, you’re sweeping me off of my feet.

Those eyes with a depth,
Your eyelashes that hides mystery,
Your face that creates a sight to behold,
And your lips that shows quietness but a taste to be remembered.

And as days count,
And as you proved to me that you are real,
And the way you appreciate me is the more I love you.

I’ve given my all,
I’ve showed my real intention,
I sacrificed everything just for you.

But what lies behind your beautiful eyes is a lie that almost killed me.

When I knew that you’re mine,
When I thought that you are the one,
When I’m starting to commit seriously,
But then,
You’re someone else’s property.

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