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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Continuation of my second visit to Laguna

Me and Jesster are so much irritated to each other, haha! Why? His mood was unprdictable and so am i because my period just finally arrived remember? And he hates my "kaartehan" and being shy in front of SPC peeps! Promise, the next time I'll go there, i will not act like a prima donna! :p

Then, after we munch on something heavy and delicious at the same time, we opt to sit on the terrace i guess and the drinking session begins! My God, i really love their "lambanog" haha! Walang katama tama eh! ;p
There's a videoke and as usual KiZMARK reigns the stage with his Renz Verano voice, haha! Kuya Cy2TEC and Mami MARMi is so sweet eventhough they're just pretending??

There were lots of "kulitan" and "lokohan" that night eventhough ZOO members are'nt complete! A 6 hours travel is worth travelling for if these persons are the one you're getting to bond with! But, most of all i enjoyed my night though me and Jesster are like dog and cat dealing with immaturity, haha!


Kuya CY2TEC and Mami MARMI's sweet moments,

FASHiONiSTA and IRVIN's first meet,
FASHiONiSTA's first travel to SPC,
KULITAN moments with SPC peeps,

I really enjoyed watching them teasing MrPopular gay acts, haha!

hmm, that's all. :p

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